Stepping Up Your Romance with the Right Flowers

stepping-up-your-romance-with-the-right-flowersWhile roses historically have been classified as the flower of love, there are many other flowers that are just as important and can break the monotony of giving the same flowers every time. The other factor is that roses can be very expensive and for those that are on a budget they cannot always afford a dozen long stemmed roses.


Carnations are often referred to as the flower of the Gods. They have a meaning of fascination about them and while they are beautiful in the colours that nature produces them in they can also be dyed in almost any color that is needed. One of the advantages about giving carnations is that they are so hearty, they are long lasting and they are going to depict the message of love that they are portraying for a long time.


If you are looking to give your sweetheart a bouquet of flowers that is vibrant in color but has a touch of gentleness to them then go for the lilies. The message that you are delivering here aside from love is that he or she is beautiful. There is a wide selection of colours and they can range in price. When it comes to choices these can be comprised of the Oriental Lily or the Calla lily which is just a few of many choices available.


Perhaps you are trying to send a message of your loyalty as well as your love, and if so then choosing the Daisy is going to put this into words for you. While you certainly have the choice of going with the white which is the most common there are also Gerbera Daisies which come in many different colours. A collection of daisies well put together makes for a very full and vibrant bouquet.