Flowers for Mothers Day That Have a Meaning

flowers-for-mothersSending flowers on Mother’s Day is an age-old tradition but it is one that can be made extra special by giving a little more thought to the type of flowers that the floral arrangement is going to be comprised of. Flowers have different meanings and it can be quite interesting and intriguing to know what these are.


This is a flower the comes in many different colors and the color can actually enhance the meaning of the flower itself. The meaning of this flower has been to show of love and admiration. Mother’s Day bouquets that are made up of all white carnations are meant to depict loyalty and charity. If you want to use this as a symbol of your love then go with the deep red version. Then again, if you want to just portray a simple message that you are thinking of mom on this special day, then the pink is going to relate that message for you.


Roses are probably the most popular flower to be chosen for the Mother’s Day bouquet. They are also one of the more expensive flowers to choose from, and for this reason often a variety of flowers are used in the bouquet with the roses taking the most prominent position. There are over 100 different types to choose from and they come with a variety of different scents to add to their beauty. Again, the color can be drilled down to portray specific messages. White is deemed to show good will and virtue while yellow roses depict devotion. Pink depicts gentleness and grace.


Sunflowers are becoming quite popular because spring is in the air on Mother’s Day and sunflowers are just a sample of what the upcoming months are about to bring. They are bright and vibrant and tend to make moms feel good when they are given by their children. They depict youth and playfulness which works perfectly with the purpose of this bouquet.