Choosing Flowers for the New Mom

flowers-for-the-new-momAt one time family and friends would send flowers to the new Mom after she gave birth in the hospital setting. Now with modern technology many moms are not spending any time in the hospital after the birth of the baby and some are even giving birth at home. This has affected the tradition of people sending flowers to celebrate such a happy occasion.

Ideally though, it is a wonderful token of recognition when flowers are sent and they truly do give the new mom a lift. What must be remembered is that she has gone through several months of dramatic changes in her body and has been preparing for this wonderful event during this time. By sending flowers it makes her feel appreciated and at the same time the birth of the little one is being recognized. Most often when sending congratulations in this form the flowers match in colour according to the gender of the baby. This really helps to display the recognition of this new little life.

After knowing what colours the flowers should consist of then the decision has to be made as to the arrangement and the type of flowers that are going to be used. Care should be taken that the flowers are not too overpowering in their scent as some hospitals are now against this and have gone scent free. If they are being sent to the home it may still be something that should be considered, but is not quite as important and many moms really enjoy the beautiful scent that the flowers give off.

Something else that needs to be considered is the longevity of the flowers and an option is to send a potted plant that can perhaps be transplanted into the garden to create a on going memory of your recognition for this very special event.